No Fake Emergencies!

If you're going to circulate, make sure you print the pages correctly. If you don't, all the signatures that you work to gather may be thrown out.

1. Print the sheets on 20 lb. white paper. If you're not sure if the paper you have is 20 lb., maybe go down to the office supply store and get some.
2. When you print it, make sure that the margins look the same as the the online copy.
3. Make sure that you print double sided, with the cover sheet on one side and the signature page on the other. You can't print two single-sided sheets and staple them. All your signatures will be invalid.
4. Make sure that each person who signs is a registered Oregon voter.
5. Each person has to fill out the entire line for themselves (unless they are disabled). You can't have one person just sign and then have someone else fill out the rest of the line.
6. If a signer makes a mistake and crosses it out or double strikes to make a correction, have them initial it. If it's a really bad mistake, just cross out the entire line and start again.
7. Pro-tip: Offer a fine point ball point pen to signers. They tend to write neater, and can fit stuff on the line easier.

Paper is cheap. Valid signatures are precious.

OK. Enough. Let's get printing!

Depending on what computer you have and how your printer works, there are several download options. REMEMBER, if you do a 10 line sheet, YOU MUST have the signature sheet and the cover sheet printed front to back.

Download Cover Sheet in PDF format
Download Signature Sheet in PDF format
Download both Cover and Signature in one file PDF format
Download Cover Sheet in MS Word format
Download Signature Sheet in MS Word format
Download text of the initiative
Download a full page flyer
Download a half page flyer(cut in half)